Bible School is a part time course designed for every believer who wants to encounter more of God, grow in their faith, discover who God has made them to be and understand the purposes of God in the world today. As we hear and apply the Word of God, our lives will be transformed.

1st Year Curriculum: The Victorious King, The Conquering Kingdom, Living in Graceland, Devotion to God, The Word of the King, The Power & Presence of God, Loving People, Living by Faith, Worship the King, Prevailing Prayer, Loving the Lost, Making Disciples and The Heart of Leadership.

2nd Year Curriculum: Kingdom Warfare, Kingdom Truth, The Overcoming Church, Marriage & Family, Kingdom Distortions, The Mind Matrix, The Kingdom Within, The Skills of Leadership, Kingdom Power, Church History, To the Ends of the Earth, The End of History and Discipling the Nations.

Tuesday Nights 6:30-9pm

10 Hill Street. Transport provided from venue back to campus at 9pm.

For more information please email