At Every Nation we use the phrase “doing life deeply” – this is our desire to share life together in a meaningful, life-changing way. We therefore highly value connect small groups – where we meet weekly and connect with other people in more personal, intimate small groups that gather throughout the city and on campus, based on your location and current stage of life. These groups are a great place to get to know people in the church, grow together and discover more about God.

Email if you would like to find a small group near you.


While we encourage connect small groups to carry their members through different challenges and hurts in life, we understand that sometimes a situation needs somebody more experienced in a certain area of counselling and healing. Our counselling team are trained and equipped to help people navigate circumstances and times of life that they are experienced with by listening, encouraging and helping lead the person closer to the Holy Spirit, who is the true counsellor and the only One who can bring lasting victory, change and healing. Should you have any matter, big or small, that you’d like to talk to one of our counselling team members with, please contact