Bible School

Bible School is a part time course designed for every believer who wants to encounter more of God, grow in their faith, discover who God has made them to be, & understand the purposes of God in the world today. As we hear & apply the Word of God, our lives will be transformed.

1st Year Curriculum: The Victorious King, The Conquering Kingdom, Living in Graceland, Devotion to God, The Word of the King, The Power & Presence of God, Loving People, Living by Faith, Worship the King, Prevailing Prayer, Loving the Lost, Making Disciples & The Heart of Leadership.

2nd Year Curriculum: Kingdom Warfare, Kingdom Truth, The Overcoming Church, Marriage & Family, Kingdom Distortions, The Mind Matrix, The Kingdom Within, The Skills of Leadership, Kingdom Power, Church History, To the Ends of the Earth, The End of History & Discipling the Nations.